CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale

Take your facility to a new level of efficiency with CenterEdge Advantage Point of Sale—the most powerful POS tool in the industry! Combining incredible flexibility and blindingly fast transactions with excellent security controls and ease of use, it’s no wonder Advantage Point of Sale has been one of the fastest-growing solutions over the past five years. Gives you the edge you need to boost profitability, including:

Quick and easy transactions

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Integrated cash and inventory control

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Barcoded ticket and wristband printing

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Turnstile integration

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Ticketing and more!

A system designed for the entertainment industry, with built-in capabilities for admissions ticketing, season passes, retail, food service, and much more…

Management at Your Fingertips

Advantage P.O.S. puts facility-wide management at your fingertips—all through a single software package with common reports. Plus:

Easy Export

Easily export accounting data to Quickbooks or Excel


Highly stable system is based on a Microsoft SQL database


Intuitive interface reduces training costs and simplifies management

Thoroughly Tested

Thoroughly field-tested in a live facility—ensuring fewer bugs


24/7 technical support


Common reports keep everyone on the same page

For even more profit-boosting power, customize your management system with other Advantage applications—Group and Birthday Party Booking, Online Sales and Ticketing, Redemption Management, Time Clock and much more—they all integrate seamlessly!

View Sample POS Reports

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Watch Video

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Features & Functionality
  • Sell admission tickets, concessions and retail items all with one system
  • Vary pricing and buttons automatically by day of week or time of day
  • Supports capacity managed ticketing for theatres, laser tag, etc.
  • Excellent inventory control capabilities for both retail inventory and food
  • Powerful season passes and customer loyalty/rewards programs
  • Interfaces with barcode-scanning turnstiles
  • Wide variety of hardware options: pole displays, token dispensers, ticket/wristband printers, cameras, PIN pads, card printers, and more
  • Use up to 50 customizable POS screens with 42 items per screen
  • Spend less time working on a computer and training employees
  • Keeps your lines moving with lightning-fast processing and barcode scanning
  • Integrated credit and gift cards help trim retail transaction times even more
  • Works the way you want, allowing you to customize each station differently
  • Speed up food orders by printing directly to kitchen printers
  • Log in via a PIN or an employee card swipe
  • An array of reports (using Crystal Reports) gives you all the information that you need about sales, employees, inventories, cash and more
  • Security levels are user-defined so that different employees can access different parts of the software with their unique ID and PIN or with their employee card
  • 24/7 technical support —first year is included free of charge
  • Designed for maximum system stability using the latest software tools and with Microsoft SQL as its backend database
  • Built-in inventory add-on makes tracking, ordering, and receiving inventory simple

Customer Testimonials

  • CenterEdge is the life blood of our business and we depend on its accuracy and steady, reliable performance. Our facility has been open since late 2006 and we have been associated with CenterEdge Software from day one.”

    My edge: using CenterEdge for POS, Birthdays & Groups, Redemption Management and Cashless Systems Sales

  • “Our increased profitability is due in large part to the upgrade [to CenterEdge] and has paid for itself in under two years… you must choose a product that is reliable and a vendor that stands behind it. Through all my research and conversations with peers in the industry I feel CenterEdge’s support is the best.

    My Edge: using CenterEdge POS and Groups to drive profitability and place controls on my business that I never had before

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